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The Maisch Group specializes in helping Middle income families take the worry out of retirement by re-designing their portfolios and re-allocating assets that they may already be spending money on. These strategies include, but are not limited to, Asset preservation and accumulation, Retirement income free of tax, and guaranteed "pension like" income depending on client’s age and circumstances. All strategies are designed to protect assets from market downturns while providing Tax relief and Liquidity.

Andrew Maisch, his wife Tina, and their two children reside in beautiful Mullica Hill NJ. As a local adviser and representative of the Hero’s Talk Radio: Freedom Financial Network, Andrew has helped people all over South Jersey protect their retirement money. Over the past 21 years, Andrew has been in multiple facets of the Insurance Industry. As a Licensed Field Underwriter, Andrew has helped his clients protect millions of dollars in retirement assets and not one of those people has ever lost a penny do to market downturns. Andrew specializes in helping middle income families take the worry out of retirement by redesigning their portfolio to include guaranteed "pension like" income that they cannot outlive and that is not susceptible to Financial Crisis, Recession, or Depression.

There is something truly wonderful about being able to help people have peace of mind about their finances. Andrew is able to sleep at night with the comfort of knowing his client’s retirement funds are protected. It is his desire to give you that same peace of mind. Community Service has also played a big part in Andrew's career as he is a former 2 time President of the Camden City Rotary Club and a recipient of the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow award. As President, he represented the club at 2 Rotary International conventions, one in Barcelona, Spain and the other in San Antonio, Texas.

Andrew Maisch with Business Financial Coach, Scott Keffer,
and business entrepreneur /original "shark" on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington

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